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What is a CV or Curriculum Vitae

CV, short for curriculum vitae, is an important document contains a summary of life history including biodata information, history education, work experience, skills, portfolio, and contacts personal.

When applying for a job, the company's HRD will first review the CV as the first page in the application file. Whether you are accepted or not in the next stage of the interview can be determined by the completeness of your personal data, passing the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) screening for prospective employees, and an attractive CV template design.

Creating an ATS friendly CV with an attractive design to attract the attention of HRD may be a challenge, especially for fresh graduates. Although examples of CV and resume templates are widely available online, creating your own requires skills in editing applications such as Photoshop, Microsoft Word Office, Power Point, or other editors. Apart from that, designing a CV template manually is time consuming and less flexible when you want to make design variations or update curriculum vitae data.

What is a CV or Curriculum Vitae
What is making a CV online

That's why I created CV maker (formerly, an innovative platform that allows job seekers to create CVs efficiently directly from Android and iPhone cellphone devices. By using this service, you can focus more on searching for job vacancy information and distributing application letters, without having to spend excessive time designing an attractive and complicated resume design.

Making a job application CV is now easier than before. Just enter data in the CV fields, including personal information, education, work experience, preferences, skills, portfolio links and social media. Furthermore, you can choose your favorite CV template which can be changed at any time with the various options available. Without the need to re-edit all curriculum vitae data fields, your online CV can be downloaded in small PDF format with a complete barcode. In this way, your CV is ready to be distributed to various companies, either via email as an attachment, or in hardcopy form on A4 paper.

So what are you waiting for, make the appearance of your CV attract the attention of HRD and be different from other applicants by using the CV creation service With a beautiful, complete and attractive CV format, hopefully it will make it easier for you to be accepted for work at any company.- By Fikri Wildan Nugraha | Founder
Advantages of Making Resume with CV Maker Compared to Writing a Handwritten Resume

Advantages of Making Resume with CV Maker Compared to Writing a Handwritten Resume

  • Easy, Safe and Fast Registration without Hassle!

    Just by entering your full name, email and password, you can register quickly and safely. The aim is to save time in creating a CV, so that you can immediately download the PDF CV template and be ready to distribute it to various job vacancies that you want to apply for.

  • Complete Input Columns According to Professional CV Format Standards

    Including complete and valid data in a CV is very important to strengthen HRD's trust in applicants. All input columns on website are designed in accordance with professional ATS CV format standards, ensuring that the resulting CV meets the criteria expected by HRD.

  • Resume Themes and CV Templates with Attractive Designs

    Offers a wide selection of CV templates including premium and free options. You can easily change the theme according to your wishes without having to re-enter previously entered personal data, so you can create a unique CV and increase your attractiveness in the job application process.

  • High Quality and Small Size PDF Format CV Files

    Thanks to advanced CV maker technology, you can immediately download CV files in PDF format which have high quality and small file size. It is very suitable for use as an email attachment or when printing on hardcopy on A4 paper. Your CV is ready to give a professional impression in various uses.

  • Modern CV with Barcode and Online Data Linkage

    The PDF CV you download is not only modern and equipped with barcodes, but also connected online with the cloud. This advantage makes it easier for HRD to view CV details, while applicant data remains safely stored on the server and can be updated every time the applicant logs in. With this feature, your CV is not only innovative but also makes it easier to manage data efficiently.

How to Make Job Application CV with CV Maker

How to Make a Job Application CV Using a Cell PhoneStep-1: Register and Create an Account QuicklyStep-2: Complete the Profile for an Optimal CVStep-3: Choose a Template Design for Your CVStep-4: Download PDF CV File
  • Step-1: Register and Create an Account Quickly

    To get started, click the 'Create my CV' button on this site. Fill in the form with full name, email, password and re-password information. After that, just click the 'Create CV.' button. With a fast and simple process, you can immediately have an account for full access to our services.
  • Step-2: Complete the Profile for an Optimal CV

    After registering, you will be directed to the profile page, which will form the basis of your CV. Fill in this page with as much information as possible that you want to include in your Curriculum Vitae (CV), such as educational history, work experience, skills, and others. By completing your profile thoroughly, you can ensure that your CV will optimally reflect your potential and qualifications.
  • Step-3: Choose a Template Design for Your CV

    After completing all the information, personalize your CV by choosing a suitable template design. Click the 'Change Theme,' button and select the theme you want. Whether it's a premium design theme or a free CV template, these varied options allow you to add a personal touch to your CV presentation.
  • Step-4: Download PDF CV File

    Easily, click the download button to download your CV file in PDF format with efficient size. This file can be used as an email attachment without worrying about delivery failures, and is suitable for printing hardcopy on A4 paper size.

Example of an Attractive CV Template from

Curriculum Vitae Ame - CV Attracts Attention
simple ame

Curriculum Vitae Ame - CV Attracts Attention

33 Users

CV design for applying for work, with an Ame theme in gradient red and striking, so that it is easier to attract the attention of HRD. Curriculum vitae nowadays with barcodes, CVs are directly connected online to the cloud.

CV Teacher
karir guru

CV Teacher

0 Users

An inspiring and informative teacher CV, highlighting teaching skills, educational achievements, and dedication to student development, is designed to impress recruiters and the schools you apply to.

CV Canva Premium
karir canva

CV Canva Premium

0 Users

Canva Premium CV, using the elegant colors of the official Canva premium template logo, reflects excellence with an attractive appearance, turning your CV into a stunning professional work of art.

Curriculum Vitae Simple - Easy Simple CV

Curriculum Vitae Simple - Easy Simple CV

514 Users

The curriculum vitae has a Simple white theme, simple, concise, concise and easy for HRD to understand, suitable for applicants who like simplicity, ease and simplicity in their application CV.

Curriculum Vitae Default Navy - CV Maker
default navy

Curriculum Vitae Default Navy - CV Maker

536 Users

Online CV with the default standard design in navy blue can be used directly to apply for jobs via email, contemporary curriculum vitae with barcode in CV maker

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ATS Friendly CV with Modern and Professional English Barcode Template

ATS Friendly CV with Modern and Professional English Barcode Template

CV Maker (formerly offers the best solution for creating Curriculum Vitae (CV) which ensures compliance with the ATS (Applicant Tracking System). With the ATS friendly feature, the CV you produce via not only has an attractive design, but can also successfully pass automatic selection, thus increasing your chances in the world of recruitment.

Supported by advanced technology, provides excellence in understanding the criteria sought by applicant tracking systems. Choose a template with an attractive barcode design and present your profile professionally using English. Thus, your CV will be more visible and increase your competitiveness in the competitive job market.

Don't miss the opportunity to create your ATS friendly CV at and open the door to wider career opportunities.

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Questions Regarding Job Application CVs

What is an ATS CV?

A CV ATS (Applicant Tracking System) or Curriculum Vitae that is Friendly to the Applicant Tracking System is the key to success in your job search journey. This system, known as ATS, is software used by companies to automate the employee selection process.

With a good understanding of how an ATS works, you can optimize your CV to match the criteria desired by the system, including specific skills, qualifications and keywords. Knowing effective strategies for passing the ATS will not only increase the visibility of your CV but also maximize your chances in the recruitment process.

What is a CV?

CV or Curriculum Vitae is a document that contains a brief summary of a person's life history, especially related to education, work experience, skills and personal information. CVs are used as a tool to provide a holistic picture of an individual's qualifications and background to interested parties, such as companies or educational institutions.

A CV usually includes information such as full name, address, telephone number, email address, formal education history, work experience, special skills or expertise, extracurricular activities, and awards or certificates held. A CV aims to provide a comprehensive picture of a person's potential and achievements, so that it becomes an important tool in the job selection process or admission to certain educational programs.

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Make a CV on your phone while lying down: practical and easy

Create a Curriculum Vitae (CV) without needing a PC, laptop or computer! Use the CV creation service at to practically create a CV directly from your Android smartphone and iPhone iOS. So what are you waiting for? Create your CV now and increase your career opportunities!

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