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Return Policy

The return policy or data policy below explains this refund policy and items processed in webapps (formerly


Goods/Items/Products sold at are products digital type, including:

  1. Coin Topup
  2. Resume Template

Where the products listed have each price has been determined, at any time changed, is only valid and can be used for internal needs application itself.


Goods/Items/Products at can be purchased by users using digital funds official currency applicable in Indonesia, with available payment methods.

  1. BCA (Manual)
  2. Mandiri (Manual)
  3. QRIS (Midtrans: GoPay, ShopeePay, Dana, LinkAja, or banking App with QR scanner)


Users are required to register an account first before they can carry out transactions and purchase Goods/Items/Products at, after that the user will be sent an email to every successful transaction as proof of successful payment done on the webapps


Goods/Items/Products purchase transaction with successful status Cannot be returned in the form of money or other forms.

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