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Adam Tirhah Tella

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About me

Introvert is a trait and character that tends to be alone. They are closed personalities and override social life that is too random. The antonym of Introvert is Extrovert. Extrovert nature requires more social, light, noise, broad scope and so on. Whereas Introverts need more hot tea and hang out with a few close friends instead of going to a place full of strangers. Introverts hate small talk, so they like happy conversations that are dense and informative.

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*hidden* (25 years old)

Skills & Languages

Teknik computer
Bahasa inggris


Expected position

IT / Computers - Networks / Systems / Database Systems
Network / Systems Technician

Expected salary

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Current salary

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Expected location

Kota Ambon, Maluku, Indonesia


2015 - 2017

Smk Muhammadiyah ambon

High/Senior High School Teknik jaringan Dan komputer - GPA 2,1

Perna mengikuti praktek di district navigasi kelae 1 ambon

Work Experience

have no work experience

Portfolio & Certificates

doesn't have a portfolio or certificate

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1 Education • 1 Experience • 1 Skills • 0 Certificate

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