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Mariani Sidabutar

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About me

saya adalah seorang yang mudah belajar terhadap hal baru. saya mudah beradaptasi terhadap lingkungan baru termasuk pekerjaan baru. saya bertanggung jawab terhadap tugas dan tanggung jawab yang diembankan kepada saya


*hidden* (26 years old)

Skills & Languages

bahasa inggris


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2015 - 2019

Universitas HKBP Nommensen Medan

Bachelor's degree pendidikan bahasa inggris - GPA 3,72
2013 - 2015

SMA N 1 Lumban Julu

High/Senior High School IPS - GPA 7,7

Work Experience

November 2019 - Present

English Teacher

Oxbridge Institute

help the students to comprehend the fourth english skill especially for the speaking skill.

October 2018 - October 2019

English Teacher

SD Galilea Hosana

teach the students to understand the english subject. help them to comprehend the grammar include the forth english skill

Portfolio & Certificates

doesn't have a portfolio or certificate

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