CV Rahmalia


Clerical / Admin Staff, Employee
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About me

I am a meticulous person at work, don’t like to delay work, easy to socialize with the environment, I am a person who can work well as part of team and on my own, I am also hardworking, and eager to learn.

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*hidden* (33 years old)

Skills & Languages

English language
Japanese language
Ms office


Expected position

Clerical / Admin Staff

Expected salary

***data hidden***

Current salary

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Expected location

Kota Jakarta Selatan, D.K.I Jakarta, Indonesia


2009 - 2013

Sekolah tinggi bahasa asing JIA

Bachelor's degree Japanese literature - GPA 2.68

I have taken a certified JLPT n3 level test and have been with a Fakta bahasa bekasi organization that takes Japanese classes.

Work Experience

September 2014 - November 2014

Admin Collection

Pt Wom finance

Input DKH, input kwitansi by system, stock opname, support collectors and spv collection.

June 2014 - March 2020

Admin Kredit

Pt Wom finance

Consumer data check, data input by system, print Po, monthly report, support marketing and operation.

Portfolio & Certificates

doesn't have a portfolio or certificate

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